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Services Offered

Entertainment/ Production Consulting


We offer full spectrum Entertainment and Production Consulting with a focus on identifying efficiencies and controlling costs through every step of the Production Process.

Complete Production Support


We don't claim to be a "one stop shop" for Production.  When we say "comprehensive" we mean that we will help with every step of the way.  From Creation to Pre-Production to Production and into Operations.  

Comprehensive Production Auditing


This is not like an IRS "audit".  Rather, we will work with Stakeholders to audit the processes in place and see what can be done to solve problems, reduce costs or improve efficiency.

Stakeholder Representation/ Management


Most Large Scale shows have multiple stakeholders involved.  Not every one of those stakeholders have the internal resources to manage their investment.  We can fix that by being their "expert" at the table.

Documentation and Process Creation


We can document your show, regardless of which step of the creative process you are in.  We can also create and help implement protocols and procedures for the staff to follow for safety, operations, purchasing, you name it.

Management Staffing and Payrolling


We can source and payroll Company, Production and Stage Managers for your show.  They will be drug tested, background checked and will have all of the required taxes and insurance covered.